Long workshop

A gentle introduction to leatherwork

Making, creating, customising are very satisfying activities for our self-confidence!

bourse medievale 2

The medieval stock exchange: the darling

If you want to go further in leather work, the purse allows you to combine all the techniques of the bracelet and the purse in a single object.

First you have to make the purse, then the strip of vegetable leather that will serve as a reinforcement. This part can be customised without limit, then dyed. Then you have to put the two together by passing the strings and finally your purse comes to life before your eyes!

The possibilities of colours, patterns and dyes are very wide and allow you to personalise your object for a unique result.

The dream catcher: the poetic

This workshop uses different techniques from other workshops but the possibilities of customisation are endless, even at home you can continue to hang other elements. The way the leather is hung in the centre of the circle is reminiscent of the way tanners hang their leather.

stretch the skins to dry them.

A playful and original way to work with leather while having fun.

attrape reve

Further information

Age from :

7 years for the dream catcher

11 years for the medieval bourse

Duration: 1h30 to 2h