Mini course

To learn about leather goods

Whether you want to deepen your knowledge of leatherwork, discover the skills of the leatherworker or have the pleasure of making a more complex object yourself, the aim of this workshop is to allow you to create while learning about the craft of leatherwork.

A 2.0 workshop 

This mini-course has been set up in order to offer a framework in which it will be possible to make a simple but useful object or to repair a valuable object.

So, you can come up with your own idea (luggage tag, pill case, phone pouch...) or we can suggest an object for which we already have a model (pouch, belt...).

The realisation of the project

To realise your own idea, a facilitator will accompany you through each step. Before the workshop, you will have to put your idea on paper and draw the pattern. We can help you with this by telephone and/or e-mail.

On the day, after checking your patterns, you will have to cut the leather, vegetable or mineral depending on your project, engrave it, dye it, hand sew it with the saddle stitch technique, hole it... The steps will depend on your project!

Further information

Age from 18 years old

Duration: per 3-hour session

Schedule: by appointment

Tariff : according to the cost of the leather, decorative elements (clasps, buckles, pearls, rings, dyeing, etc.), and the working time of the animator. On average between 35€ and 90€.