Situated in the Boivre valley, the village of Lavausseau offers you the opportunity to explore the past and present through its "Leather Stories".

The notions of historical, industrial and then artisanal heritage, the preservation of machines, relics and buildings as well as tanning plants, the senses and animals are all addressed with the children in several forms:


Visit to the Tannery

The visit is made attractive by a game of questions and answers and by the adapted speech of the animators.

Sensory and educational, it allows you to discover a little-known profession and a living and touching material, through the many stages that reveal it.

Recommended audience: 7 and over

Duration: 1 hour

Visit "Through the ages".

Two tanning methods to find your way through time. This visit aims to understand

the evolution of the tanner's trade by comparing methods, tools and machines as well as tanning techniques, materials and products. Visit with educational booklet.

Recommended audience: 9 and over

Duration: 1h30

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Coudreuse cite des tanneurs

The workshops

Introduction to the leatherworking trade

Discover the basics of leather work, the different materials and their uses, the tools and make

a bracelet or a purse. Depending on the age of the audience, your time and your budget, the techniques can be combined for a more complex workshop (medieval purse...).

Recommended audience: 5 and over

Duration : from ¾ of an hour to 2 hours

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Sensory discovery

"Little Tanio", a carpet story

Tanio wakes up alone in the goat house. His footsteps lead him to the forest and then to the meadow where he meets

furry, feathered animals... all very different from him. How to recognize his mother among them?

After the story, the children make a collage (small leather animal) to take home.

Recommended audience: 2 to 5 years

Duration: 1 yearh

"Sensory space

Gathers various touch and puzzle games. Puzzles, mystery boxes, animal cubes, skins of several known and less known animals...

Recommended audience: kindergarten, first grade, visually impaired and cognitively impaired

Duration: 1 yearh

atelier collage
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Rally: heritage architects

With the help of a booklet, the children walk through the village trying to understand its history through the traces of the past. The understanding is done through drawing and observation. A cooperative rally where everyone finds their place.

Recommended audience: 6 and over

Duration: 1 yearh30

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Between leather and glass

Discover two ancestral skills

Floriane Tourrilhes, glassblower

Discover the magic of molten glass by visiting the workshop with Floriane. Depending on the period, a demonstration of glass spun with a blowtorch or glass blowing with a cane will be offered.

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La Cité des Tanneurs

Discover and work with leather.

Start with a guided, sensory and technical tour of the tannery. Then make a leather object,

You can choose between a key ring or a bracelet, and learn how to make leather goods.

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Further information

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