Presentation of the shop


You will find at the reception of the site a shop of about 65 m2 with on the one hand local and artisanal products to promote our region; and on the other hand industrial products to propose a range of products difficult to access in the artisanal sector (leather goods, skins, returned sheep).

The shop is open from April to November as a tourist attraction and local shop.

It also opens for the Christmas period in a more consistent manner with numerous exhibitors in a Christmas-themed event setting.

What you can find there

  • Books, games, figurines, leather goods, belts, key rings...
  • Skins: sheep, rabbit, calf, goat and cow, chamois sponge...
  • Sheepskin : waistcoats, slippers, slipper boots, gloves...

(Warning: not made by the association or the tannery)

On the craftsmen's side 

The craft section changes every year with new exhibitors in leather, jewellery, food or more unusual products.