Mocha cowhide slippers

The "Moka" slippers take their name from Native American moccasins. Made of cowhide and stuffed with synthetic wool, they will keep you warm in the coldest winter.

A must throughout the year
Although these shoes are more likely to be worn in winter, they are also very comfortable all year round. Leather is a breathable material, so your feet won't sweat even in summer.

What our customers say (heard in shop)
"They don't slip."
"Warm without sweating and without odour.
"They last a long time without getting damaged and even if the wool settles they remain soft and

- Sizes available: 20 to 46
- Material: exterior: cowhide / interior: wool
- Support: rigid plastic rod
- Origin: Spain (CE)
- Colour: Terracota. As the colour is natural, it may vary slightly depending on the leather.

The main material is leather, so it's best to avoid machine or hand washing.
If this is unavoidable, choose a handwash without detergents, a soap that is gentle on the skin and a soap that is gentle on the skin.
neutral (such as Marseille soap) can be used if necessary.
If in doubt, take them to the dry cleaners.

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