Short workshop

A gentle introduction to leatherwork

Making, creating, customising are very satisfying activities for our self-confidence!

This is why the workshops in general are very successful. The short workshops we offer allow you to make a simple object, a bracelet or a purse, but which requires sometimes complex leatherwork techniques.

These two workshops are ideal for a gentle introduction to leatherwork.

The key ring: the initiatory

To complete the visit, an introduction to leatherwork is essential. From a piece of vegetable-tanned leather, you will make a key ring on which you will engrave your initials and a drawing; then, after having made a hole for the ring to pass through, watch the dyeing transform your creation.

Your key ring is ready to follow you on all your adventures!

(30 minute workshop).

The bracelet: the must-have

It is made so that you can learn how to type your name and a design on the leather with a mattress. You just have to make two more holes to place the clasp and that's it! It is when the dye is applied that the magic happens: all the details stand out and are highlighted.

The "Wow" effect is there, everyone leaves with a smile around their wrist!

The stock exchange: the original

To do as in the Middle Ages, you need a leather purse! Its manufacture is less complex but not less difficult because it requires a good strength of strike. It's up to you to be creative and to choose the colour of your leather and of the strings to personalise your object.

Pulling the strings is where the magic happens: the stock market forms itself.

Further information

Age from :

7 years for the bracelet

8 years for the scholarship

Duration: 1 hour